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IR Sauna

Difference between traditional sauna and infrared sauna:


Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas are dry and not quite as hot. Therefore, many people find them more comfortable, it is easier to breathe and sit longer. Nevertheless, it's normal to experience a deeper warming and more sweat.

What is infrared light? Is it dangerous?


Infrared light is a warm light invisible to the naked eye.It's what makes the sun feel warm and  can also be seen radiating from our bodies using an infrared camera. In other words, infrared light is completely natural and harmless. Among other things, it is used in hospitals to provide warmth to premature babies.

If you have heart problems , a consultation with a doctor may be advisable before the IR sauna. This is because of the increased heart rate. Nevertheless, several people find that they can benefit from using an IR sauna to improve their health, even when they could not have used a traditional sauna.

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Various health benefits of an IR sauna:

Increased blood circulation

The blood vessels in our body dilate when it is warm,  increasing blood flow to tissues and capillaries. In this way, the supply of oxygen to the body is increased, which can contribute to the repair of tissue and collagen in the event of damage. Increased blood circulation can therefore be health-promoting, especially for those with various pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and the like.

Pain relief

As a result of increased blood circulation, one can experience pain relief in sore muscles and joints. A study showed that the use of an IR sauna reduced pain in muscles and the experience of stiffness, as well as reduced fatigue in the patients. It can also have a beneficial effect on sore muscles after exercise.



Scientists say that we surround ourselves with up to 60 times more toxins in our everyday lives now than 60 years ago. We get these through the food we eat, packaging, clothes, paint and the air, among other things. Collectively, these toxins can have unimaginable consequences. When sweating in an IR sauna, the body will be able to excrete a quantity of these toxins, as well as heavy metals.


Increased metabolism

When the body's temperature rises, it works to cool itself down. Then the pulse can increase to up to 125 pulses per minute. This is called a fat burning pulse. In addition, it takes 0.586 calories to produce one gram of sweat. If you sweat around 500g of sweat, you will be able to burn 300 calories.


According to a study, detoxification can also have a positive effect on fat burning, as it may turn out that the fat cells store toxins that prevent the metabolism from working at its best.

Improved immune system

Just like when we have a fever, the heat from the IR sauna triggers our immune system to start working. Regular IR saunas can therefore have a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Better skin quality

With a regular IR sauna, the skin can feel cleaner, softer and become more elastic.




An IR sauna can be experienced as very pleasant and relaxing. Because you do not need to use as much heat or humidity in the IR sauna, this can be experienced as more pleasant for many.

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