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Massage & Muscle-therapy


Do you need to pamper yourself? Yes?


Then Bergen Flyt is the right place. Health is the most important thing we have -Our focus here  at Bergen Flyt is that you as a customer get an amazing experience, better health and a better quality of life. Floating and massages are a fantastic combo for optimizing your own health. Starting with a float session relaxes  the body  deepening and prolonging the effect of the massage on both your physical and mental health.


Massage is the manipulation of skeletal muscles using different techniques. We use hands, arms and elbows.

Massage can improve circulation and thus contribute to the relaxation of muscles.


We treat pains caused by  overloading and/or incorrect loading, find exercises for you and help you find the balance between activity and recovery.

Massage will also affect the autonomic nervous system and in this way we can consciously work on stress reduction and well-being.

​At Bergen Flyt, we have an advantage in our work with stress-related issues, as our customers can come in for treatment already relaxed after a good and relaxing floating experience. All treatments start with a conversation about your wishes and needs.

All our masseurs are muscle therapists and have extensive experience with classic massage, relaxing massage, sports massage and trigger point massage. We also offer relaxing and relieving pregnancy massages. Read more about each massage form and muscle therapist below.

Muscle therapy and massage are treatment techniques with long traditions. A muscle therapist's most important task is to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue. The tensions can arise due to poor working conditions or overexertion, but can also have more emotional causes such as stress, anger and anxiety.


Such tensions settle in the body and can cause pain in e.g. back, shoulders, neck, hips and knees. Various forms of massage, connective tissue treatment and other soft tissue techniques from a muscle therapist are one of the most important treatment methods against muscle tension and are of great importance for the well-being of body and soul. Regular muscle therapy by a muscle therapist also leads to increased lymph circulation, lowered blood pressure, higher stress tolerance, higher pain tolerance, better contact with muscles and improved coordination.

Our muscle therapist works to find the cause of the problem. There is often a bias and imbalance in the body which, over time, causes tension and pain elsewhere in the body. By addressing these imbalances, we can begin to work on the root of the problem.



​Classic Massage

​In classic massage, the therapist uses lighter touch and various knot-stretching-pressing and tapping techniques. Relieves muscle tension and pain, frees breathing and gives increased mobility to the treated area.

The techniques are divided into five main groups:

Petrissage (kneading)

Tapotement (drumming)

Vibration (shaking and vibrating)


Efflerage (long, sliding strokes)

The massage is used both to improve the state of health for a number of ailments and problems, and as preventive wellness treatment.


Relaxing Massage

​This massage is suitable for stress, depression and all types of neuroses. It stimulates the muscles, and can improve metabolism, affect the nervous system, increase the zest for life and stimulate the cardiovascular system. The massage is performed with slow soothing anti-stress movements. The massage is very relaxing, calm and pleasant.



Sports massage

Sports massage is used to correct irregularities in the muscles with manipulation of the soft tissue. Sports massage differs from classic massage in that it is more energetic and specific, and can at times feel uncomfortable and/or painful. The massage therapist uses many of the same moves, but goes deeper into the muscle tissue and works faster. The purpose of sports massage is to assist and stimulate the repair phase of damaged or stressed tissue and thus speed up recovery and the healing process.

Benefits of sports massage:

Shortened muscles are stretched and stretched

Reduce scar tissue around the damaged area

Stimulate the body to get rid of excess fluid around the injured area

Treat sprains and stress injuries

Trigger point massage

​Trigger points are described as hyper-irritated areas in muscles that are associated with palpable, hard and tight points in the muscle fibres. These often cause pain in the body, we notice them especially in the neck, shoulder, back and head. It can e.g. feels like someone is sticking a knife in at the top of the shoulder blade, a very typical area for trigger points. These are treated with pressure around and directly on the points after the muscles have been well kneaded.

After 1-2 such treatments, there is a noticeable improvement, and many feel that the knots have let go. Especially those with tension headaches have greatly benefited from such treatment.

Benefits of trigger point massage:



Joint problems


Sports injuries

Formation of scar tissue after operations or injuries/burns

Convulsive conditions

Circulation problems

Pregnant massage

​Massaging different body parts contributes to a more lively flow of blood and lymph which can reduce swelling, help the kidneys and improve drainage of toxins. It can loosen tight muscles in the neck and shoulders, improve lung function and have a positive effect on mother and child. A gentle massage of the paraspinal muscles in the lumbar-sacral region can provide relief

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