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Floating is a unique experience for both body and mind. You get the opportunity to enjoy total relaxation and silence. The good feeling you get stays in your body for a long time. We have two large Float rooms (2.5m x 2m) with the option of meditative music and the starry sky, and in Float room 1 there are also handicap handles.



Massage can improve blood circulation and thus contribute to the relaxation of muscles. We treat pains caused by overuse and improper loading, by  finding exercises for you and helping you find the balance between activity and recovery. This treatment can also affect the autonomic nervous system and in this way we can consciously work on stress reduction and well-being.


We offer massages of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Our massage therapy includes; Classic massage, Relaxing massage, trigger point massage, Sports massage and Pregnant massage. All our masseuses are muscle therapists with extensive experience.


An infrared sauna is a dry sauna that uses infrared light to create heat.
80% of this heat penetrates 5-8 cm under your skin, warming you up from the inside. This creates a whole-body hypothermia at the cellular level, causing you to sweat. This makes it at least 5 times more efficient than a traditional sauna, which in turn gives you a number of health benefits.

The infrared heat rays act directly on stiff and sore muscles and joints. If you suffer from rheumatic disorders such as arthrosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle, joint and skeletal problems, we can almost guarantee that you will feel rapid pain reduction.


Holistisk veiledning

Holistic coaching deals with the whole person and the interaction between the physical, psychological and emotional.


With a mixture of talk therapy, mindfulness and breathing as well as movements, the customer is shown the way back to the body, to the simple truth of what is here and now, without judging or labeling. The client can then see him/her/them self with new eyes and from there find a new way forward.


It is not intended as a substitute for regular therapy or medical treatment, but rather a form of treatment that goes hand in hand with these, so that the client can gain  deeper insight into their own health and patterns.

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