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About us

We are a modern spa and wellness center located in the center of the city by the National Stage. We aim to increase the quality of life and well-being of our customers. Here you can enjoy one of our beneficial treatments. We specialize in flow and massage, and all our skilled masseurs are muscle therapists. If you need to fix a stiff neck, a sore back or reduce stress, we are here to help you.

Our Story:

It all started when Joachim heard about the concept in 2013. He was at a yoga school in India when he trained to become a yoga instructor. Floatation therapy  can have good results against myalgia and optimization of one's own health. When he returned, he investigated the possibility of floating in Norway. At the time, no one offered this service either in Bergen or in Norway in general. It went into oblivion until a friend was going to Oslo to try out the concept. At the same time, Joachim was going to Krakow in Poland. There they had floating, but the waiting time was two weeks, and nothing came of it.

When he returned to Norway, the investigations continued. He came across a tank on The only problem was that the tank was located on Andøya, in the far north of Norway. In addition, he was a full-time student at the art school of  Bergen, and he quickly realized that he did not have the capacity to start anything on his own.

Joachim shared the idea with his friend Roy, who was studying to become a civil economist. He was skeptical at first, but when he saw all the research reports on floatation therapy he joined the team. The ball started rolling and they worked on the business plan and all that entailed. They announced Bergen Flyt at the well-being fair in Bergen and had found a suitable venue.
There was a lot of work to be done in the start-up and when Hurtigruten, which was supposed to transport the floating tank to Bergen, pulled into the quay, there was great despair. They had already announced the opening and were told that there was a new departure the following day, and that the floating tank should arrive on time. The next day they tried again on Andøya to load the tank, but it turned out that the hold was too small. What were they going to do now? Transporting by lorry was too expensive and thus decided to rent a large van. Roy got into the car and drove up to collect the tank. Two days later he was back and, after dismantling the door and stairs, they finally got the tank into the house. They got everything ready for opening and from Joachim getting the idea until they opened, only two weeks had passed.

Later André joined the team and eventually they took over the entire venue where they had started renting a room. Joachim previously had a diploma in automation, André had a diploma as a machinist and Roy now had a degree in civil economics. They had the necessary expertise, and thus created the floating
rooms themselves and got the venue in proper condition.


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